Want To Join The Band’s Digital Street Team?

January, 14, 2009 / 0 comments

Hey Depeche Mode Fans,

We are launching the all new ‘Digital Street Team’ for Depeche Mode! As a member of the team you will be helping to promote the band and the new album by using many digital tools that we will provide for you. We are encouraging you to help increase chatter on forums, online communities and also on the social networks that you belong to already. The more work you put into this, the more rewards you will get in return. ANYONE can join this team from around the universe, so please take one minute to fill out all of your information at the link below. Just make sure you check ‘Depeche Mode Street Team’ and then hit SUBMIT once you are done.

Here is the link to join the team

We will be in touch with you soon with different online missions from around the universe!


Depeche Mode Street Team