Vince Clarke Re-writes Old Unreleased Depeche Mode Song

March, 5, 2007 / 0 comments

Erasure’s Vince Clarke has re-written the song called ‘Let’s Get Together’ for the Boston MA based preteen pop girl group Girl Authority. The track will be featured on their forthcoming album ‘Road Trip’ (out on 13th March) on Rounder Records. The tune is actually one of the first Vince Clarke ever recorded, pre-dating even Depeche Mode days, though there is a 1981 video recording where Depeche Mode are rehearsing the track.

Some of the original lyrics of the track have been amended so that they are more appropriate for the target young female audience. Also, as an homage to that period, Vince Clarke has re-played his signature keyboard riff from the Depeche Mode track ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ as part of the chorus. The album version of ‘Let’s Get Together’ was produced by Grammy-Award winning producer Scott Billington.

Source: Side-Line