Video: Depeche Mode ‘The Making Of Delta Machine’

March, 21, 2013 / 0 comments

Shot over the course of several months in New York, New Orleans and Santa Barbara, the documentary includes behind-the-scenes footage of the band putting together the new Delta blues-inspired LP that frontman Dave Gahan describes as “crawling, a bit sleazy, a bit dirty.” The video also previews a handful of tunes set to appear on the new record, including the harrowing ‘Goodbye’ and the swampy pop of ‘Soothe My Soul’ – the latter’s grimy main riff you can see member Martin Gore plunking out in the studio.

In the clip, the band also discusses their songwriting process, which typically starts with Gore’s demos that the rest of the band build upon. Says Gore, “It’s obvious that when we get together and Dave starts singing the songs that I’ve demoed at home, it doesn’t matter how good the demo is. The moment Dave’s voice goes on it, it kinda gives it a sense of approval and a stamp of authority.” Depending on the song, the band will work around either an instrumental riff or a vocal hook; on first single ‘Heaven’, Gahan says Depeche Mode were “very conscious about not overworking the musical elements so they distracted from the vocal. To me, ‘Heaven’ is one of the reasons I still make music.”

Take a look at the making of the album in this exclusive short documentary.

Source: Rolling Stone