‘Touring The Angel’ DVD

December, 1, 2005 / 0 comments

Autumn 2006 will hold the release of a brand new live DVD by Depeche Mode. The news was revealed by the french distribution partner for Mute, Labels, on their website. The news is as of yet unconfirmed by Mute but it looks like Labels has posted the news even before Mute issued a press release. Still according to Labels the show would be shot at the Barcelona (Spain) gig but that remains to be checked.

Side-Line reported already earlier that there were plans for releasing live material from this tour which is to be one of the most succesful to date considering the pace at which tickets for the shows have been selling worldwide.

In the meantime the german promoter, Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur, announced that the New York based 5-piece The Bravery will be joining Depeche Mode on tour in Europe at least at several, if not all, German dates. The Bravery also supported Depeche Mode on certain dates of the US tour. To the electronic minded public The bravery is still quite unknown so they might be looking at a hell of a time at some of their concerts on the road stepping in the footsteps of other acts that were literally ‘bottle thrown’ off stage. Good luck!

Source: Side-Line