The Countdown To The Depeche Mode Press Conference Is Officially On

October, 5, 2012 / 5 comments

Today Depeche Mode updated their website with a digital countdown timer to the October 23rd press conference in Paris, where the band is expected to announce details of its new album and 2013 world tour dates. The event will begin at 1.30pm and will be streamed live on the band’s official website.

The official Depeche Mode website is now hosting, a collage of rotating images, the digital countdown timer leading to the 10.23.12 date, and a graphic that appears to be the new logo of the band.

5 Responses to The Countdown To The Depeche Mode Press Conference Is Officially On

  • Paul

    Well its about time they chose somewhere else other than Germany to do their press conference, to be honest i’ve always found their godlike status in Germany a bit embarressing, lets be honest, other than Depeche Mode, germans have awful taste in music! The Hoff anyone?
    Also, i hope Dave Gahan is the spokesperson this time, its always Fletch…

  • admin

    Paul and Michael, your comments were removed. No flame wars are allowed. Comments that are flame wars, get edited or just deleted plain and simple without any warning at all. Be as polite as you can be with each other. Post your opinions and have a civilized discussion. After all, we are all Depeche Mode fans here sharing a common love for the band.

  • Michael

    Admin, I WAS sharing love for the band! We are all ready for the new album and tour!

  • admin

    Cool! Let’s keep doing that. 🙂

  • Paul

    As am i Michael, all the best 🙂