Soulsavers “Back to work then…” [UPDATE]

January, 6, 2015 / 0 comments

Soulsavers announced yesterday via Instagram their return to the studio with this message, “Back to work then… All those dials aren’t going to move from zero on their own.”

Back to work then… All those dials aren't going to move from zero on their own.

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Could this be the second collaboration between Soulsavers and Depeche Mode’s lead singer Dave Gahan? No official announcement yet, but Dave’s name was included in the comments by Soulsavers on the picture they shared: “Please don’t jump to any conclusions. Yesterday was first day back in ‘the office’ after the holidays. THIS WEEK we are finishing up and tweaking mixes on our instrumental record we’ve been working on. Yes there are other projects lined up. This year is fully loaded with things we’re excited about – but there is no rush. It’s really cool that people are looking forward to new music & I’m super grateful. But when myself, Mark Lanegan, Dave Gahan, Josh Haden, Keith Richards, Ray Charles & Nina Simone are ready to talk about what we are all doing next, we promise to let you know. It won’t be long, but right now we need to get our shit together, heads down & work on some music. Thanks for the support, it means a lot. Best wishes for 2015”

Article Update: January 13th

A little update as another little hint made an appearance via twitter today. Sean Read, who has played and recorded on the last Soulsavers album ‘The Light the Dead See’ featuring Dave Gahan, made the following tweet.