‘Selected’ Exclusive Signed Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set

March, 16, 2010 / 0 comments

The deluxe box set will not be available until after the other formats are released on the 19th April. We do not want your enjoyment of the album to be delayed so if you pre-order the deluxe box set you will be sent a link to collect a free download of the 2CD version of the album on the 19th April. We will know when the deluxe box set will be ready by the 1st April, but we estimate that it will be no longer than 4 weeks later.

Deluxe Limited Edition 4 Disc Box Set
– 2 x CD ‘Selected’
– 1 x CD additional music (exclusive)
– DVD films (exclusive)
– 3 x large scale booklets
– 12″x12″ box with lift off lid
– 1000 individially numbered editions worldwide
– signed by Alan Wilder

1. Strange Hours
2. Faith Healer
3. Jezebel
4. Allelujah
5. Want
6. Red River Cargo
7. Supreme
8. Prey
9. Drifting
10. Luscious Apparatus
11. The Killing Ground (Excerpt)
12. Shunt
13. Edge To Life
14. Last Breath

1. Supreme (True Romance)
2. Prey (Shotgun Mix)
3. Drifting (Poison Dub)
4. Jezebel (Filthy Dog Mix)
5. Allelujah (Noisy Church Mix)
6. Stalker (Punished Mix)
7. The Killing Ground (Solid State Mix)
8. Black Box (Excerpt)
9. 5000 Years (A Romanian Elegy For Strings)
10. Strange Hours ’10 (Feat. The Black Ships)
11. Missing Piece (Night Dissolves)
12. Shunt (Pan Sonic Mix)

Exclusive music

DVD (NTSC Region 0)
Exclusive films