Tell Q Magazine Your Favorite Lyric Of The Decade

October, 19, 2009 / 3 comments

Q Magazine wants to print the lyric you nominate as the best written so far this decade on the cover of a future issue. So… would you be good enough to simply post your suggestions here. Best one will pop up on the cover of the issue on sale from November 27, with the person who picked it given an appropriate fanfare for doing do!

Paul Rees, Q Magazine Editor.

Tell Q Magazine your favorite lyric of the decade Depeche Mode fans.

3 Responses to Tell Q Magazine Your Favorite Lyric Of The Decade

  • Lyn Garneau

    Moved, lifted higher…moved, my souls on fire…moved…by a higher love.

  • Stellanova

    Definitely Wrong

    Because: Classic Tragedy and Dark Comedy in one. Totally Spirit of the Mode

    In this relentless attack of words, Gore – as always is a detached, subtle but always unsparing observer of human nature and tells us stories about human weakness with a marvellous humorous, at the same time cynical and compassionate tone. We humans are a mix of perversion, weakness, solidarity and real goodness. Gore knows. So he is always willing to forgive….

    As I see it, Gore sees the world from afar, from the internal wisdom which lets him know that nothing is too bad and nothing is too good.

    Aside from that philosophical view it’s just down right funky, irrisistable and so hilaroius. I lstill laugh my (headbanging) head off every time ..

    Wrong is brillant, precision, concision, wisdom, irony and humanism put into into an pop r’n’b musical context with such a distinctive auteur twist. Nobody but Gore could have come up with this Masterpiece.

  • black_sheep

    Your favorite passion,
    Your favorite game,
    Your favorite mirror,
    Your favorite slave.