Pre-order Your Deluxe Box Set ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ Now

February, 27, 2009 / 0 comments

Depeche Mode fans as you know, ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ will be released on April 20th in Europe and on April 21st in North America, but you can click here and pre-order it now. The deluxe box set includes three CDs containing the album, bonus songs and remixes, as well as 14 exclusive demos.

A DVD that features three films: Making The Universe, a behind-the scenes documentary about the recording of the album, Usual Thing, Try And Get The Question In The Answer (a conversation with the band discussing recording techniques, intercut with personal archive footage from previous album sessions) and Sounds Of The Universe (a short film featuring track by track with the band). The DVD also includes the promo video for ‘Wrong’ (directed by Patrick Daughters), plus four songs filmed live in the studio in December 2008 and a version of the album mixed in DTS 5.1 surround sound.

Two 84-page hardback books, one featuring the lyrics to all the songs from the ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ sessions, accompanied by exclusive photography by Anton Corbijn. The second book contains exclusive and candid studio photography by Daniel Miller, Ben Hillier, Luke Smith and Ferg Peterkin.

You can read all details about the deluxe box set here. This is truly a dream come true for every Depeche Mode fan.

Source: depeche mode dot com