Official Live Depeche Mode DVD Material Leak

March, 6, 2006 / 0 comments

It seems that Mute Records keep on having problems with their security as more and more releases are getting leaked online way before the official street dates. Available now on several servers in Germany are cuts taken from official Mute live videos shot in Chicago during the band’s current tour.

In a reaction the webmaster of the official Depeche mode site said that the leaks are “a shining example of Mute’s security in action.” Let us remind you that the band’s single and video of ‘Precious’ leaked everywhere when the website of QFilm, the company producing the video, presumably by accident, put up the video on what was supposed to be a secure portion of their website. The page turned out to be available for everyone. After a witch-hunt in which even a Polish fan was used as a scapegoat in a leading role, all became rather quiet around the affair. But with more material getting available it remains to be seen if measures will be taken.

Oh, and for the record, at least 4 soundboard tracks from the 1990 Violation tour have now surfaced. Side-Line reported already about these recordings two years ago, something which at that time was rejected as being untrue…

Source: Side-Line