Soundcheck: Depeche Mode Remodeled

June, 2, 2011 / 0 comments

The English trio Depeche Mode forged synth-pop in the 1980s, then scored massive hits in the 1990s with songs like ‘Personal Jesus’ and ‘Enjoy the Silence’. Now, the group has enlisted a crew of wiz…

Alan Wilder With Omega Auctions Presents ‘Collected’

May, 27, 2011 / 1 comments

The Alan Wilder/Depeche Mode Collection A historic equipment, vinyl & memorabilia auction This summer, Alan Wilder will be selling a large selection of musical / studio equipment and memorabilia at auction. Many items are very…

Depeche Mode Remixes 2: 81-11 :: Behind The Wheel – Vince Clarke Remix

May, 27, 2011 / 1 comments

Vince Clarke’s unimaginably brilliant reconstruction of “Behind The Wheel” results in a new dancefloor classic that is part house, part trance, and yet almost militaristic in its icy electro-precision. Listen to the new ‘Behind The…

Depeche Mode Remixes 2: 81-11 :: In Chains – Alan Wilder Remix

May, 27, 2011 / 2 comments

Listen to the new ‘In Chains’ remix by Alan Wilder after the jump. Depeche Mode will release Remixes 2: 81-11 on June 6, 2011. Says Alan : “I have to say it was a tempting…

Alfa Matrix ‘A Tribute To Depeche Mode Volume 2’ Trailer

May, 25, 2011 / 0 comments

Compiled by and for Depeche Mode fans, ‘Alfa Matrix Re:covered – a tribute to Depeche Mode vol.2’ will offer you once more a very own insight in what makes the Depeche Mode songs so special….