New Recoil Album In 2007

October, 21, 2006 / 0 comments

Hi! I’m Alan Wilder.

This piece is just to give you a quick rundown on what I’ve been doing for the last year or so. It’s now 2006, September, and after a long hiatus, I suppose, from the music business I decided finally, or I was pushed back into the studio. From last year, that’s 2005, around October I start working again on a new Recoil LP.

The first couple of months of recording was really just reintroducing myself to the technology, updating all my equipment and relearning all things I’d forgot about during such a long break. So I didn’t really get going until perhaps January this year, without actually writing any of the music. And I spend the first 6 months of this year just preprogramming, trying to come up with some ideas and some atmospheres before I set about and try to find some singers to work with.

By April I’ve managed to get together about 6-7 or 8 tracks which were still embryonic but formed kind of nucleus of an idea for the LP. And at that point I started to searching around for singers. And I came across a really, really interesting blues singer from Austin, Texas. So in May I got a hold of Paul Kendall who is also going to be working on with me on this album. And we went off to Texas along with Hepzibah, my lovely wife and assistant, and we went to Texas and we recorded for a week with this blues singer, and got loads of stuff done. And then I came back to my studio and started compiling all those vocals. And since then I’ve really got it to a stage where we are ready to mix the album. So here we are, as I’ve said, at September and we in the early stages of mixing. And I still looking to introduce one more vocalist of the album, a female voice, to balance out what the male singers have done. So we started to mix and hopefully that mixing process will take us the next 3 months and up to about a Christmas, which should set the release time for an album at sometime in early or late spring – early summer next year, that’s 2007. The LP is as yet untitled and we have to still organize the things like artwork and all those things.

In the mean time, what else I’ve been doing? I’ve been doing a little bit work with the Depeche Mode Remasters. That’s the 5.1 LP remixes of the old Depeche Mode catalogue. My involvement in that has been an executive producer where I’ve gone to the studio and just cast in the era of the mixes that have been done. I haven’t really been hands on. I’ve just being there to listen, advise and comment, to give my feedback. So that’s really what I’ve been doing. We’ve also made some films to go with those releases which are included on an extra disc. So anyone researching that can already find some of those LPs released.

Other things: the Recoil website will be relaunched sometime, quite soon, to coincide the new LP and hopefully that will give lots more information about what to expect. What else can I tell you? That’s about it for now. So things are going very well. It’s in a good stage and we are all on course to get finished. So I hope you will enjoy it when it does get released. And I’ll speak to you again later.