Gone Missing: Depeche Mode On Blank & Jones “So ’80s” 3CD Compilation

November, 27, 2009 / 0 comments

The Blank & Jones production duo used a rather deceptive way to create attention for their 3CD compilation ‘So ’80s’ out now on Sound Colours. The set holding an exclusive ‘So ’80s’ mix by Blank & Jones was said to have all 12″ versions of tracks, unmixed and unedited but digitally remastered from the original master tapes including a Depeche Mode mix. But now that we received our copy, there is no Depeche Mode to be heard on it.

Instead the Depeche Mode mix vanished from the CD version and was replaced by Johnny hates Jazz with ‘I don’t want to be a hero’ (12″ Extended Mix). Not exactly Depeche Mode is it…

We contacted various people to know the reason for this but got no satisfying explanation so far. All we can conclude is that Blank & Jones prematurely announced they had the right to include the mix into their mix comp. Very, very wrong!

Source: Side-Line