Martin and Fletch: The Pre-Show Interview

July, 27, 2009 / 0 comments

The noise from the adjacent room on the second floor backstage at the Molson Amphitheatre sounded like a fight, complete with flying debris and breaking furniture. Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher were evidently really going at it. But before you get the wrong idea, the commotion was merely a very serious pre-gig game of foosball. Our interview would have to wait until a winner was declared.

Eventually, there was a simultaneous groan/cheer mixed with a few bad words. Seconds after that, Martin and Fletch walked into the room and perched a leather couch. It was hard to say who had bested whom at the foosball table, but Martin definitely looked the happier of the two.

What follows is the only interview scheduled for the North American leg of the ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ album. (BTW, Dave Gahan was absent. He would, however, bounce into the room during a meet-and-greet an hour later.)

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Source: ExploreMusic