Listen To Soulsavers’ New Album ‘The Light The Dead See’ Featuring Vocals By Dave Gahan

May, 14, 2012 / 2 comments

The Light The Dead See

Soulsavers will release their new album ‘The Light The Dead See’ through Cooperative Music/V2 Records on May 21st in the U.K. and May 22nd in the U.S. However, Mute Records is giving fans the opportunity to stream the upcoming album.

Featuring vocals and lyrics by Dave Gahan, ‘The Light The Dead See’ is the follow-up to 2009’s critically acclaimed album ‘Broken’. Recorded at various locations and mastered at Abbey Road, the record will be available on CD, LP and as a download.

“There was no real script,” says the laconic Rich Machin of the extraordinary fourth album ‘The Light The Dead See’, a set of songs of majesty and momentum. “It just rolled and rolled; it was effortless.” Yet the writing was on the wall from the moment Dave Gahan stepped in to tackle vocal duties that this was going to be something very special. “We realised we were coming from the same place in so many ways,” adds Machin. “He’s really laid himself bare on this record, his performances are astonishing: he really is a terrific singer.”

Says Gahan, “Everything about it was relatively unplanned, surprising: a magical thing. We were a perfect match and I’m very, very excited about this record.”

Gahan’s lyrics and melodies came to him with spontaneity and passion. “About five songs in, I realised I was writing outside myself. I was having a go at myself, to be honest: my questions around faith, and God, or the lack thereof at any given moment. Sometimes I’m full of faith, but there are always questions. And I struggle with letting go of control of what’s going on around me. This album became very therapeutic. No restrictions. Coming out of getting sick myself, I found I HAD to get this stuff out of me. This music gave me the perfect palate to play with the BIG questions that we all ask when life becomes less about what can we GET, than: what can we DO? I’ve been very fortunate, and I’m privileged in my life, so I want to do things I feel really connected to now, otherwise there’s no point. Rich and I had both come out of something difficult. This is something to do with that. It was a wonderful experience.”

2 Responses to Listen To Soulsavers’ New Album ‘The Light The Dead See’ Featuring Vocals By Dave Gahan

  • dani

    Estupenda música, estupenda voz. Un gran disco, felicidades.

  • Heather

    Dave is just as beautiful in flesh & in voice as he ever was. Every time I hear a DM song or any of his solo work, I automatically thank God Dave is still with us. His vocals give me chills & his writing is sincere & cleansing. Love you Dave!! Hope to see you on your next tour!