Lady Gaga Pulls Out Of Depeche Mode Cover Project

June, 15, 2010 / 2 comments

Side-Line was informed by a source close to the management of Lady Gaga that she will not be recording a cover of the Depeche Mode classic ‘People Are People’ after all. The project got lots of media attention when the coverage on Side-Line was (literally) picked up the day after by MTV, Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine, Playboy, TMF, The Sun and so on and so on. The Side-Line magazine news article itself got hit over half a million times, just to give you an idea. In a chat with the Side-Line staff our source said: “Lady Gaga has never said that she actually would record a cover, I stress the ‘would’. I’m very surprised that this news has spread so fast, including via wellknown sites and in magazines that unlike your magazine never contacted us to verify the news.” A pity that the answer only arrived 2 weeks later and that they waited so long to reach out (get the pun?)…

So why did she talk about recording a Depeche Mode cover in the first place? Our source refused to comment on that specifically but did say that “trying to get media attention sometimes gets out of hand even when ventilated on a small radio station and even when it’s about artists that should know way better than this.” Right.

Sure thing is that the news triggered a lot of negative feedback from Depeche Mode fans worldwide. It suffices to read the feedback in our Lady Gaga vs Depeche Mode article to get an idea. Less amused will be Martin Lee Gore we guess. Gore originally penned the song between 1983 and 1984. Gaga’s no-go means the loss of a potential income of at least 455.000 dollar for the Depeche Mode songwriter, considering Lady Gaga’s singles tend to sell around 5 million copies.

Source: Side-Line

2 Responses to Lady Gaga Pulls Out Of Depeche Mode Cover Project

  • Huzzah!

    I have to say that now I am right with the unvierse. All is as it should be.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. Reading the headline that she’s not going to do it was like waking up from a terrible nightmare. So relieved!!