Lady Gaga Plans To Record Depeche Mode Classic ‘People Are People’

June, 2, 2010 / 4 comments

From our US correspondent Olivia Roy. In an interview with the USA radio station QMS Radio, American recording artist Lady Gaga has said she wants to record a cover of Depeche Mode’s 1984 hit song ‘People Are People’ adding “I could really give it the melody it never had.” Right. 24-year old Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta – that was a mouthful), who wasn’t even born when the Depeche Mode track was released, has been inspired by the many mash-ups between Depeche Mode and some of her songs that are floating on the Internet. So she says: “I spend literally hours on YouTube each day checking what people post about me, reading the comments and so on. And I was so surprised that many Depeche Mode fans appeared to be Lady Gaga fans. I didn’t know the band existed until I saw a mash-up of ‘Paparazzi’ with ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’. I advise everyone to check out Depeche Mode, they are so underrated.”

However, we advise miss Gaga to do some fact checking before she takes a shot at a Depeche Mode classic. In the same interview she namely appears to believe that Vince Clarke (Erasure) is still part of the band: “I’m a huge fan of Erasure and it was so funny when I heard that Vince is also a part of Depeche Mode! It’s so unlike his Erasure sound!” So how did she end up choosing ‘People Are People’? Simple: “My manager choose the song for me, he knows things so much better.” Ok… well, you all know what to expect: an Erasure version of ‘People Are People’. That promises to be funny!

It’s not the first time Germanotta hunts for covers. When she initially signed with Def Jam Recordings at the age of 19 (although she was dropped from Def Jam 3 months later) they introduced her to songwriter and producer RedOne, with whom she produced ‘Boys Boys Boys’, a mash-up inspired by Mötley Crüe’s ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ and AC/DC’s ‘T.N.T.’. Judge for yourself if Lady Gaga and Depeche Mode are a good fit: Lady Gaga vs. Depeche Mode – ‘Just Can’t Get Enough Paparazzi’ (Djs From Mars Bootleg Remix).

Source: Side-Line

4 Responses to Lady Gaga Plans To Record Depeche Mode Classic ‘People Are People’

  • depechebrode

    I’m not happy by the idiotic comments from Gaga… I would of said yes right away, but due to the “melody” comment, I say no. 😐

  • O.O

    I think I just died. Or my brain exploded. I mean, seriously? Lady Gaga? Dear God. I had to read it over a second time for that idiotic notion to sink in. It’s pretty pathetic in my opinion that she can’t even pick a damn song for herself, and if she’s going to cover an uber awesomely great band like DM then she could at least show some respect by knowing what she’s talking about. But then again, I’m just an angry hardcore Depeche Mode fan. I must not know what I’m talking about.

  • Jezabel


    Lovely the girl but with Dpeche Mode .. NOO!!!!

  • ROSA

    Spiace anche a me che lady Gaga li abbia soltanto scoperti adesso, purtroppo ha ragione nel constatare che sono stati sottovalutati negli anni 80 i grandi Depeche…
    Me li ricordo io, quegli anni, lady Gaga non era ancora nata,
    quegli idioti dei miei coetanei sbavavano dietro a cretinetti come Simon Le Bon e Tony Haddley… tutta la gente piu’ stupida di allora era fans dei Duran Duran e degli Spandau Ballettes, per non parlare, poi, dei deficienti che ho incontrato in seguito sotto le spoglie di persone adulte: anche loro in quegli anni li’ tifavano per i paninari… Oddio, che tempi orrendi, non capivano un caz di musica… Il tempo mi ha dato ragione: sono passati quasi 30 anni: I DEPECHE MODE (GRANDI!)continuano a sfornare album di successo, mentre Tony Haddley canta all’aperto nei concerti di capodanno e i Duran Duran suonano nei matrimoni degli seicchi occidentali (Briatore)… C’e’ un po’ di differenza..
    Lady Gaga va perdonata, sono sicura che con il suo estro rendera’ ancora piu’ intramontabile una band che non patisce ne’ le mode ne’ il tempo.