‘Industrial Complex’ Features Five Exclusive Martin Gore Remixes

January, 11, 2010 / 1 comments

The Belgian edition of Nitzer Ebb’s 6th studio album ‘Industrial Complex’ released by Alfa Matrix, will feature no less than 5 exclusive remixes of the Martin Gore backed song ‘Once You Say’. These remixes are not available on any other version of ‘Industrial Complex’. Remixes have been provided by Leaethe Strip, Komor Kommando, Poupee Fabrikk, Implant and Essence Of Mind. You can order this version together with a “EBM – My Way Of Life” t-shirt at the Alfa Matrix webstore.

The release date for Nitzer Ebb’s newest album ‘Industrial Complex’ has been pushed back to February 12, due to the fact that artwork and remixes came in much later than expected.

Mute has released for the first time, a Nitzer Ebb collection of B-sides, remixes and rarities comprising of 60 tracks! The digital album named ‘In Order’ is available now on iTunes.

Source: Side-Line

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  • Nowhereman

    35 Euros! Eek! That’s $51 US and that’s not including shipping. Hmm, I’ll have to think about that one.