It’s All Gong Wrong For Dave

November, 18, 2006 / 0 comments

Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan says it upsets him that the band don’t win awards despite selling 50million albums. The Essex-born singer is fresh from Depeche’s sell-out Touring The Angel world tour with bandmates Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher and the lads are as big as ever in the US.

But over here, Dave reckons, they rarely get credit for their 25-year career.

He says: “I don’t get it. We’re a band that has come out of England, lasted and done well. But no one seems to notice and it does hurt. It’s a struggle here to get recognition for what we’ve achieved. We’re that oddball band that people don’t know how to categorise. We don’t fit the rock category and are not pop.”

I think it’s a scandal Depeche have not been honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Brits bosses. When you think the Spice Girls bagged one despite splitting after three albums, it makes a mockery of the system. Depeche’s Best Of album hit shops this week and Dave reckons that they are unlikely to record any new material for five years.

So I think Brits bosses should take note. The band deserve credit for flying the flag for Britain around the world. Surely that is worthy of a Lifetime Achievement gong?

Source: The Sun