First Impressions: Depeche Mode

February, 9, 2009 / 0 comments

First Impressions:

– Grinding album opener, ‘In Chains’, is instantly grabbing with its tortured carousel machine music, and assures one that Gahan, Gore and Fletcher are back and have brought a lot to the table this time around. Do these guys even age? You wouldn’t have a clue here.

– A haunting synth line that could be a long lost cousin of John Carpenter’s brilliant Halloween theme palpitates through the lengthy spine of ‘Come Back’, a mysterious, hypnotic vortex of a track that might just be the very sound at the center of the Mode’s universe. A fine instrumental follows in the form of astral ‘Spacewalker’.

– The meandering instrumentation of ‘Miles Away / The Truth Is’ seals the deal that ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ is a record that follows through.

Key Tracks:
‘Come Back’, ‘In Chains’, ‘Miles Away / The Truth Is’

Dave Gahan’s voice is as captivating as ever and Martin Gore’s songwriting is still in full form. ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ undoubtedly has a tortured soul, but it serves as foolproof evidence that Depeche Mode has no plans for retirement.

Source: Filter Magazine