Eric Wareheim Directs New Depeche Mode Video, Some Fans Say “Worst Ever”

September, 30, 2009 / 5 comments

Right now, on there is a 103 page thread on the band’s Eric Wareheim-directed video for ‘Hole to Feed’. Frequently, the words used to describe the video are disgusting, tacky, gross and worst ever. If this ongoing conversation is any indication of fans on the whole, then it’s clear that a lot of Modies cannot stand the new clip. But why?

Could it be that the rampant tongue-fighting is just too disturbing to handle or is it that the video simply doesn’t fit with the image the band has created over the years? Between ‘Black Celebration’ and ‘Playing The Angel’, Depeche Mode worked so frequently with Anton Corbijn (on videos, photographs and cover designs) that he might as well have been a member of the band. His sleek, seductive style became the public image of Depeche Mode, moving them far beyond the awkward early-MTV look of their earlier years. How can any director fill the void left by two decades of near-constant collaboration?

Wareheim’s borderline cringe-worthy sense of humor is at odds with what Modies have come to expect from the band. At the same time, though, the video proves that Depeche Mode isn’t afraid to push the buttons of its fanbase. Whether or not it works is still up for debate. And so, the question remains, what do you think of ‘Hole to Feed’?

Source: LA Weekly

5 Responses to Eric Wareheim Directs New Depeche Mode Video, Some Fans Say “Worst Ever”

  • Gary Gould

    I’m a lifelong fan from 1982 (I was 11), seen the band 39 times including the recent Tel Aviv gig, live in Essex and love DM. I don’t participate on forums (although I read them of course) but I have to break my silence on this. The video is all surface and no substance. There is no depth, no innovation and the concept, whilst superficially shocking, is something M. Night Shyamalan might have thought about but quickly binned. That’s not to say that Corbijn was 100% perfect, his ‘useless’ video was frankly just that but it was beautifully shot (as always) and it was the 4th single off Ultra. DM’s visual representation is an important part of the brand which distinguishes DM from any other band and should be treated with more care. My view is that ‘Perfect’ should be the next single (the stomping dance promos are excellent) and give Andreas Nilsson (who directed the Martyr clip that was never seen) another chance! PS. Wrong deserves the two video nominations and lets campaign for DM to get a lifelong achievement at the Brits!

  • max

    Yes, this was the worst DM video ever. WHat makes it so abd is that DM’s success has helped maintain a very loyal fanbase but this particular disillusioned fans who have grown accustom to unique videos tailor made for DM music. Why compromise a great album like SOTU for such an amatuer and aimless video! I hate to complain since I feel so gratefu that DM continues to produce amazing and ground-breaking music, but this video is that bad. This video is the first and only thing that I’ve disliked from DM.

  • Eric Warehiem

    I think you Depeche Mode fans are all a bunch of snobs!!! Why can’t anyone take a joke? It’s sarcasm, you idiots!!! I directed this towards the MTV crowd, not for some Depeche Mode fan. You have dozens of really artistic video’s of their’s already in existence to watch, so why not let me create a video to shock people to self-promote who I am instead of Depeche Mode, who everyone already knows.. Don’t you get it, yet??? I’m the Paris Hilton version of music video directors everywhere and nobody gets it.. You all are really stupid, in my opinion. Can you tell after watching my video? It’s really was an insult directed towards all of you, and I’m happy you got that part of the message, at least.

  • makros

    it is funny when someone is attempts to impersonate a celebrity but fails to spell the name right.

  • halodedm

    wow..the producer have something nice to say to all the angry dm fans..