Depeche Mode Unsatisfied US Market Remixes

November, 21, 2005 / 0 comments

In an interview with our colleagues of the French Elegy magazine, Depeche Mode’s songwriter Martin Gore has said the band are not so keen on the remixes that have been released on the US market for their latest single ‘Precious’.

Martin: “We refuse to take any responsibility for the remixes that are being release in America. Mute has always had this strange idea that the US market is very different from the EU market. It’s often the label choosing the remixes and honestly most of them are just good for the dustbin. The Americans have a strange mentality and seem stuck in time as if they still listen to house from 10 years ago. I hope that the remixes released on the white labels are not too crappy this time but I fear the worst…”

Depeche Mode are to release a new single ‘A Pain That I’m Used To’ on December 12th in various formats. Check below for more info.

Source: Side-Line