Depeche Mode Tours The Universe

August, 25, 2009 / 0 comments

By Monzerrath Gonzalez ~

Legendary new wave band Depeche Mode performed songs from their twelfth studio album to a sold out crowd last Thursday in Santa Barbara.

The band, who are currently on their ‘Tour Of The Universe’, played their last California show after canceling performances in both San Francisco and San Diego due to lead singer David Gahan’s doctor’s orders to have complete vocal rest.

The set began with Gahan’s sex-smothered vocals and dancing as the band performed the first track from Sounds of the Universe, ‘In Chains’ followed by the single ‘Wrong’, and the percussion-charged ‘Hole To Feed’.

The band created a rich environment by displaying intricate images onto a large screen that added a visual element to their songs. However, as the band performed ‘Walking In My Shoes’, a hit from their 1993 album Songs of Faith and Devotion, the stage fell completely dark and all sound stopped. The surprised band members looked around at each other and slowly walked off the stage as the audience chanted out the song in hopes of their return.

After a few minutes and various crew members adjusting equipment on set, the band reappeared. Their background screen was no longer functional, but the performance veterans picked up where they left off and continued to play.

The crowd’s cheers only grew louder as chief songwriter Martin Gore, pulled out one of the 14 colorful guitars he used throughout the show and began playing while Gahan picked up his mike stand, spun around and sang ‘A Question of Time’.

Gore later took the stage alone, donning a shiny silver suit to sing the ballads he is most known for. Gore’s voice sounded crisp and clean as he performed ‘Jezebel’ and as he directed the audience into helping him sing the 1995 hit, ‘Home’.

The band later reunited on stage and sang one of their greatest hits from the 1990 album Violator, ‘Policy Of Truth’. The crowd sang along and followed Gahan’s commands to clap and sway as he lifted and pointed his microphone stand at them.

The set ended with 1987’s ‘Never Let Me Down Again’. The crowd put their arms in the air and waved them in unison as the band walked off stage.

As the lights dimmed, the audience begged for an encore and the band appeared performing four extra songs in two different encore presentations.

During their final encore song, 1990’s ‘Personal Jesus’, the background screens turned on and the image of a woman slowly shaking her hips intermixed with images of Gahan, Gore, and Andrew Fletcher (bass and synthesizer) with arms spread open as if they were crucified emerged.

After the song, the band gathered on stage and thanked their loyal fans. Depeche Mode proved that although they have had an obstacle filled tour, they are still on top of their game and do not need to rely on flashy gimmicks to captivate their audience.

Source: The Daily Titan