Depeche Mode To Release Another Album In 2006

January, 13, 2006 / 0 comments

Last year was busy for Depeche Mode, and 2006 is shaping up to be just as busy, with a massive tour already booked, more shows being added all the time and… get this… another album!

Don’t expect a full length album of new material, however. It’s a compilation – a ‘Best Of’ of sorts – that will be in stores in time for Xmas 2006. The ‘Best Of’ will top off a year chuck full of Depeche Mode releases.

Simon Heyworth, a UK based mastering legend, is currently working on a complete remastering of Depeche Mode’s entire album backcatalogue. These will be released in batches of three every few months beginning from March. Each disc will feature 5.1 remastered sound and as yet undisclosed bonus content.

As ‘Touring The Angel’ draws to a close some time in August, the concert experience will be heading to stores on DVD. The live DVD is tentatively set for a September release. No word yet on whether the DVD will be accompanied by a CD release, but here’s hoping it will.

The next single, ‘Suffer Well’, will be with us as soon as February… featuring remixes by, amongst others, Alter Ego. The fourth single, ‘John The Revelator’, should be with us by late April/early May.

Tentative release schedule:

February 20th:
Suffer Well (CDS, CDM, DVD Single)

March 2nd:
Speak & Spell (SACD)
Music For The Masses (SACD)
Violator (SACD)

April 13th:
A Broken Frame (SACD)
Construction Time Again (SACD)
Some Great Reward (SACD)

John The Revelator (CDS, CDM, DVD single) TBC

June 15th
Black Celebration (SACD)
Songs Of Faith & Devotion (SACD)
Songs Of Faith & Devotion Live (SACD)

August 10th:
Ultra (SACD)
Exciter (SACD)

September 29th:
Playing The Angel Live (DVD – title not finalized)

November 2nd:
Best Of Depeche Mode (CD, DVD – title not finalized)

Source: Empty World 3