Brand New Depeche Mode Single ‘Wrong’ Spread Allover The Net?

February, 8, 2009 / 0 comments

It didn’t go as fast as with ‘Precious’, but 2 months before the new Depeche Mode single is officially to hit the shops, ‘Wrong’ is now out on the (illegal) digital streets. Well, that is if you are to believe the various torrent sites. Side-Line tested a dozen of them to see if what was offered was really the new single. And the good news, it wasn’t. Once downloaded you get either a bunch of Fonzy Bear songs, a mix of Depeche Mode and Enya tracks or even children songs. A prank from fans or from some more official corners? Who knows. Sure is that we had all a nice laugh.

However… social networks such as Facebook seem to have become a safe haven for spreading correct links to other fans. In the past few days Side-Line received several links to go and download true promo downloads of the tracks.

‘Wrong’ will be Depeche Mode’s first single from their upcoming 12th studio album, ‘Sounds Of The Universe’, and their 46th UK single overall. It is scheduled to hit the radio in February 2009, and sees a physical release on April 6. A music video for the song was shot by Patrick Daughters in December 2008. The new single will officially debut on 21 February, 2009, at the Echo Awards in Germany.

Source: Side-Line