Depeche Mode Sell Out Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall In Record Time!

December, 22, 2009 / 0 comments

After a sold out tour of the UK earlier in the month the band sold out London’s Royal Albert Hall in just 4 minutes.

The concert will mark the 20th anniversary of Teenage Cancer Trust’s first cancer unit and will take in yet another historical venue in a world tour that has seen them play to over 2 million people in Europe. This is Depeche Mode’s first performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

The band, whose new album ‘Sounds of the Universe’ went top five on both sides of the Atlantic, will perform at the Royal Albert Hall for the very first time in what promises to be an extraordinary and memorable occasion. Depeche Mode will be donating all proceeds from their one-off show to help raise funds for desperately needed specialist teenage cancer facilities. Since they began in 2000, Teenage Cancer Trust’s concerts at the Royal Albert Hall have raised over £8.7million to help teenagers fight cancer.

Source: Teenage Cancer Trust