Depeche Mode On MTV2 – ‘We Don’t Jam On Stage’

June, 2, 2009 / 0 comments

Depeche Mode will be hosting a special “classics” episode of Subterranean on MTV2 (USA). The special show will air Sunday night/Monday morning, at 1am EST.

Leave it to Dave Gahan, Depeche Mode’s mercurial lead vocalist for the last 29 years, to state the obvious when he says that due to the wealth of musical and visual technology that DM employs on their soon-to-restart stadium tour that they are a band who “don’t jam on stage.” He’s never been one for subtlety has he?

Regardless, SubT heroes Depeche Mode are hosting this week’s special “classics” episode of the show (which in a throwback nod to 120 Minutes will air on Sunday night/Monday morning at 1am EST) and we’ll be giving you tastes and teases all week with exclusive interview footage from the band. In the clip above Dave, Fletch and Fletch’s glasses dish on the difficulties of choosing a set list for a tour a big as theirs…which is soooo not a bad problem to have.

Source: MTV