Depeche Mode ‘Hole To Feed’ | The Official Music Video

September, 25, 2009 / 10 comments

The third video from the album ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ released today.  ‘Hole To Feed’ is the second Depeche Mode single written by Dave Gahan and co-writers Christian Eigner and Andrew Phillpott, succeeding the first being ‘Suffer Well’, from the their previous album ‘Playing The Angel’. Dave said that ‘Hole To Feed’ is a very cynical song about wanting to fill a gaping hole but not knowing what to fill it with.

Depeche Mode – ‘Hole To Feed’
Directed by: Eric Wareheim

Source: depeche mode dot com

10 Responses to Depeche Mode ‘Hole To Feed’ | The Official Music Video

  • B

    Are you serious???? WTF!!!

  • BEE

    are you serious?? WTF??

  • makros

    eric wareheim got his filthy hands on a beautiful song by depeche mode and created diarrhea on screen. wtf was that? revolting. childish. cheap. but above all, completely lacks class. i hate to think that dave, martin and fletch actually gave this drivel two thumbs up and approved it. bring anton and the boys back into the videos.

  • amystar

    well said markros what is this crap? I’m not one of the whinny fans but that vid really is the worst Ive EVER seen. What a disappointment….

  • Nowhereman

    What do you guys want? The same old, same old? With the last 3 vids the band has taken some chances. Personally I found it very entertaining – ODD, but entertaining. I therefor give my approval – thumbs up!

  • strange gi

    The new video really sucks!!! It is not at all entertaining!!!It is really embarrassing!!! Where is the art of Anton Corbijn? Things get worst…..

  • nicky

    Great song but this video is horrible.

  • jay

    bad song and shitty video. Can’t believe that this is gonna be a single!!!!

  • max

    I think this is one of the worst songs on the album. Video is horrible!!

  • Dawn

    This is officially the worst video I have ever seen.
    What a waste!!