Depeche Mode ‘Hole To Feed’ Music Video Shoot?!

August, 31, 2009 / 0 comments

Hello everyone!

This is very exciting news for me! Depeche Mode is, and has been, one of my favorite musical groups for many years. I never dreamed in a million years that I even could be in one of their videos. The timing couldn’t have been better either because I have heard that after 2 or 3 more albums, the band is going to call it quits. So this may have been my very last chance to ever be in one of their videos.

Depeche Mode ‘Hole To Feed’ Music Video Shoot
Source: YouTube | dbvandyke

I found out about it through LA Casting. There were several postings for “Depeche Mode/Music Video” seeking all kinds “kissing people” and “kissing couples”, such as:

“Kissing couples with their own 80’s Hip hop or Vanilla Ice style”

“REAL Couple that Appear homeless… Weatherd and Leathered Worn Character faces (that will kiss on screen)”

“Real true to life Hispanic couples that will kiss on screen”

“True to life lesbian couple willing to kiss on screen”

“True elderly couple that will kiss on screen”

“True EVERYDAY couples willing to kiss on screen and have OWN Partner”

And those are just a few of the types they were looking for!

Over a two week period, I would see a new posting that they were looking for people for this video, and I kept submitting for each one I thought I could somehow qualify for, but I got no response.

I had given up hope when I got an unexpected call late Friday the 14th for the shoot that Sunday. I was overjoyed! They asked if I had someone I could be kissing / making out with throughout the video. Since at present I am single, I didn’t have anyone, but was confident I could find someone among my acting friends willing to do it.

Kim Fizznoglia had gone to my acting class at Playhouse West and was eager and enthusiastic about being my partner for this. I felt it was really cool that Kim was willing to do this as she has a boyfriend she is really into and it was going to require a lot of kissing; however, as actors, these are things we must do professionally, so it’s a lot different, trust me, but still…

I have been very successful at getting up front and good camera coverage on EVERY project I have been involved with, so I was determined to do the same in this case. Our call time to the set was 12:30pm, but I knew they were getting started at 8:30AM. In order to benefit from the phenomenon of being in the right place at the right time, you have to make that happen.

We arrived on set at 8:00AM, the first ones there. At first, we were told to go away and come back at 12:30, we left, but came back at like 8:45AM and got sent to wardrobe. I new they were looking for late 80’s early 90’s clothing for the better, featured roles, so I brought my own clothing I thought would work. We got the upgrade and were in some of the first scenes of the day! Woooo, whoooo!

The low point however came at the “11th hour”. It was now around 7pm and the director was selecting couples to be featured. It was at this point that my PARTNER, Kim, decided she didn’t want to continue anymore; so much for professionalism, dependability, and integrity. It was during this day I found out she had quit Playhouse West and was giving up on perusing acting, and moving back to where she came from, Reno. With work ethics like hers, probably a good move, at least for her. So long.

I would have completely been cut out of the last part of the video and had no featured exposure thanks to Kim. Thankfully, I had invited another, true Playhouse West student, Karen Weza, who IS a professional and who does have a strong work ethic and IS a SERIOUS actress, to the video shoot. Her partner had to leave about the same time Kim quit, so we partnered up, both got our featured exposure, and it was so much more an enjoyable experience together than our previous partners were. Thanks Karen; I owe you!

All in all, it was a long shoot day of more than 12 hours and with a lot of waiting around between scenes. This was all shot downtown Los Angeles at club 740 S. Broadway. We shot a lot of scenes outside the club. It was so hot and I, as where others, were in coats, so we were sweatin’ most of the time. Several hours later, we moved inside the club. The inside set was awesome and the “band” looked TOTALLY AWESOME!

In every scene throughout the video, EVERYONE was kissing! Even the policeman, doorman, and the homeless people! There is actually a lot more to it than that, but I will not give away the juicy details until after the video has aired or been available for several weeks. I think it’s going to be a really great looking video! Oh yeah, the song the video is for? Hole To Feed. I asked the director when the video would be finished and he said within a month, so watch for it! Oh, that reminds me; I recently found out that the director, Eric Wareheim, is Eric from “Tim and Eric’s Awsome Show. Great Job!”. Check ’em out!

Also look for more pictures and video footage from the shoot HERE! More photos and video will be added AFTER the video has been out for a while.

Additional Information:
Label: Capitol
Director: Eric Wareheim
Production Company: Mighty 8/Warp Films
Rep: Joceline Gabriel
Producer: Charles Spano
Commissioner: John Moule

Source: Daniel Van Dyke