Depeche Mode Conquers The O2 Arena

December, 18, 2009 / 0 comments

By Rob Virtue ~

New and old material mix with ease as the electro-rockers conquer The O2 arena.

Another 80s band cashing in on past successes? Forcing bland new material on susceptible fans?

Those were two fears some of the crowds may have had while heading to The O2 last week for Depeche Mode’s visits.

Fears, totally unfounded, despite the band opening with two songs from the latest album ‘Sounds Of The Universe’.

Both songs – the sultry and melodic ‘In Chains’ and the tortured chanting of ‘Wrong’ – are in fact nearly equal to their greatest hits but it was not what the masses were calling out for, so when the haunting, synthesised chords of ‘Walking In My Shoes’ boomed out The O2 erupted.

Followed by ‘It’s No Good’ and the excellent ‘Question Of Time’ it left fans in no doubt that David Gahan and the gang were on top form.

The band have put together arguably the best electro-pop songs in the last century but on stage they have that and more.

Each hit had its own twist, with extra beats slipped in here and there, or finishing in a mass fevered crescendo, like a string of beautifully crafted remixes.

Gahan’s vocals, even at 47, are faultless and when guitarist Martin Gore took over the microphone there was no let up in the quality, especially for the soulful ‘Home’.

There were very few bad points in the show. Perhaps the visuals behind the band were a bit hit and miss and the backdrop for ‘In Chains’ was too Benneton-esque or, even worse, U2-esque – minor issues in an otherwise hugely impressive performance, which ended with the powerful energy of ‘Personal Jesus’.

Depeche Mode have the ability to rip you open and pour musical anger into you – it’s quite a talent.

The band return to The O2 for a re-arranged show in February. You should go.

Source: The Wharf