Depeche Mode Chats To BBC Radio 6 Music’s Matt Everitt

October, 13, 2016 / 0 comments

Dave, Martin, and Andy chats with BBC Radio 6 Music’s Matt Everitt about the new album and upcoming tour.

“We haven’t ruled that out,” frontman Dave Gahan told BBC 6 Music’s Matt Everitt about the possibility of warm-up shows. “We’re kicking off in Sweden but you never know – we might end up doing something in that time or before the whole tour, even. There’s a possibility we’ll do something where we maybe play some new songs and a few old ones in some smaller places just to feel it out a bit.”

Speaking about their new album ‘Spirit’, Gahan continued: “Making records can be really prickly with a group of people, because you’re a team and you might have an idea about how you think something should sound and the person sitting next to you does not hear it like that. The thing about Martin and I, is that’s not something we often talk about. We don’t really sit and discuss, we just kind of start getting on with it. It’s tricky navigating your way around a Depeche Mode record but that’s what makes it interesting.”

Source: BBC Radio 6 Music