Depeche Mode Forced To Cancel Appearance At Cricket Wireless Amphitheater Tonight

August, 14, 2009 / 3 comments


Depeche Mode has been forced to cancel their appearance tonight, Friday, August 14th at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater in San Diego due to doctor’s orders that lead singer Dave Gahan continue on complete vocal rest. Because of their busy schedule, a new San Diego date will not be rescheduled this year.

“We are incredibly disappointed to not be able to perform for our fans tonight in San Diego,” said Dave Gahan. “We hope to be back soon to play for all our fans in the area.”

Refunds will be issued at the point of purchase.

The tour will resume on Sunday with the band’s sold out two night stand at the Hollywood Bowl.

Source: depeche mode dot com

3 Responses to Depeche Mode Forced To Cancel Appearance At Cricket Wireless Amphitheater Tonight

  • shlomit

    nononononono! nonononono

  • FlyontheWindscrn

    This is awful news. I feel horrible for all of us who were so looking forward to tonight’s show…and I also feel horrible for Dave and the rest of the band. There has been so much bad luck on this tour and I’m sure they feel bad for having to cancel so many shows. I just hope that, for his sake, Dave is on the mend and will feel better soon.

  • jaaaymode

    well this just sucks,i was on the 5 freeway around 11 am when just by chance i thought to go on their website and i could not believe my hotel room was paid for so i had no choice but to go or i was asked out of 70 bucks for a wife and i went with friends and had special outfits on and even sprayed painted signs on our car.i feel bad for dave and know he wouldnt want to give anything but his best,and if his body wasnt up for it then theres point on making it worse and may have to further delay the healing sucks for me cause i had tix for l.a. show and sold them to get better tix for s.d. unless i find someone who has an extra ticket im screwed!anyone got an extra ticket!!!!