Depeche Mode Announces European Winter Support Acts!

September, 19, 2017 / 0 comments

Re-TROS, Pumarosa, EMA, and Blackline to Join Depeche Mode Throughout the Winter

Depeche Mode are excited to announce the support acts for their forthcoming winter European Global Spirit Tour dates. Support duties on the four-month run will be split between four acts: Re-TROS, Pumarosa, EMA, and Blackline.

Following an enormous summer European stadium run, Depeche Mode is currently selling out arenas and amphitheaters across North America, including a record breaking four consecutive shows at the world-famous Hollywood Bowl. After the North American tour, the band will bring the Global Spirit Tour back to Europe for two separate runs, before and after the New Year.

Re-TROS will cover all dates between Dublin, Ireland on November 15 and Barcelona, Spain on December 7.

Pumarosa will cover all dates between Torino, Italy on December 9 and Cologne, Germany on January 15.

EMA will cover all dates between Berlin, Germany on January 17 and Vienna, Austria on February 4.

Blackline will cover all dates between Krakow, Poland on February 7 and Moscow, Russia on February 25.

Out of the much-blogged about “China rock explosion”, Beijing-based Rebuilding the Rights of Statues, more commonly known as Re-TROS, always felt like the most likely to shove boundaries. Their wonderfully-named debut album Watch Out! Climate has Changed, Fat Mum Rises…, released in 2009, drew influences from indie, rock and post-punk icons such as Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Bauhaus. However, moments of dark-eyed delving towards more complex rhythms on that album and, after its release, synth-smeared melodies performed live on stage, hinted that a mould-break was on the way. Locked and loaded, with this new foray forward the band are hoping to be judged on the merit of their music rather than lazily shoved into another ‘China rock’ box. In the past, when touring abroad, they have been wary of being expected to representing their country, insisting that they only represent themselves.

Pumarosa is Isabel Muñoz-Newsome, Nicholas Owen, Tomoya Suzuki and Jamie Neville, coming together with a desire to operate outside a familiar band template, which proves to be fundamental to their ambitious and unpredictable debut album, ‘The Witch’. On ‘The Witch’, Pumarosa deliver a collection of songs which channel the undercurrents of the present day: collectivism, frustration, euphoria, feminism, politics, aggression, and love. Few new acts combine art, thought, sound and visuals quite like this, though for Pumarosa everything goes hand-in-hand. “Performing and partying is one of the ways of ridding ourselves of domination. It helps us engage with our anarchic tendencies and remember the essential need for openness and kindness. And it’s a really important way of saying ‘…we will stay in touch with each other, and ourselves.”

EMA began with the urge to self-exile. After the success of Past Life Martyred Saints and 2014’s prophetic The Future’s Void, EMA retreated to a basement in Portland, Oregon – a generic apartment complex in a non-trendy neighborhood, with beige carpeting and cheap slat blinds. She returns with a portrait of a world both familiar and alien: The Outer Ring. In a year dominated by working-class alienation, EMA – a Midwesterner who has never lost her thousand-yard stare – has delivered an album that renders American poverty and resentment with frightening realism and deep empathy. The result is a deeply personal, confrontational, but ultimately redemptive album from a quintessentially American artist at the peak of her form.

BLACK LINE is a Los Angeles based IDM project. The core team features songwriter and front-man Douglas J McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb), producers Zack Meyers and Cyrus Rex, mix engineer Ken “hiwatt” Marshall (Skinny Puppy), and Bon Harris (Nitzer Ebb). BLACK LINE took a collaboration heavy approach to writing which featured contributions from several established artists. The result is their genre bending debut album ‘Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities’.

Source: depeche mode dot com