Daniel Miller: New Depeche Mode Album A Very Strong Record

September, 10, 2012 / 4 comments

Daniel Miller, head of Mute Records and long-time friend of the band, talked about the new Depeche Mode album on a Danish radio station: “It’s really a strong record”, he stated.

“I don’t wanna go into too much details right now, because it’s not finished, but it’s a really strong record. I wouldn’t call it a progression from the last one, because it sounds quite different from the last one.” According to Miller Depeche Mode use sounds they’ve explored in the past but put them in a very new way.

Source: depechemode.de

4 Responses to Daniel Miller: New Depeche Mode Album A Very Strong Record

  • Paul

    Note to webmaster: You are doing sterling work here, you put the so-called official website to shame!

    As for Miller’s comments, i’m relieved that the sound is a departure from Universe, which i felt was their most underproduced album. Cant wait!

  • admin

    Thank you!

  • Rick

    Well, the last strong record since Alan left the band was Ultra. Unfortunaltely, I doubt Depeche is going be to as good as they used to be as long as they work with their last producer. If Alan Wilder was to produce this record, I could really expect something good. For Christ’s sake, why don’t you Depeche Mode guys get back together as the tradicional formation, you are stronger together than as a single musician and a half band…

  • Paul

    Harsh, i think 2005’s Playing The Angel is up there with Violator & Devotion. The problem with Universe was their strange and bizarre decision to use old analogue synths thus setting the band back two decades. Hillier is a good producer but he simply didnt push the band hard enough on Universe and it ended up sounding half cooked. I am a bit annoyed that they’ve chosen to use him again but at least Flood is doing the mixing. As for Wilder, yes he was amazing in the studio but at the end of the day the songs/genius come from Gore.