Colombian Group Angele Phase To Open For Depeche Mode In Bogota

September, 20, 2009 / 0 comments

Husband and wife duo Peter Salmang and Mónica Pardo and their band will open for Depeche Mode at their October 10 concert in Bogota.

Until recently, Angele Phase has received more recognition in Europe than in Colombia, perhaps due to their relationship with Factory Records and their subsequent British sound. No surprise, since Factory Records is the home of such artists as Joy Division and Ladytron.

Now, not only have they been nominated for the 2009 Shock Awards for Best Electroshock Artist, but they have also been chosen as the supporting act for legendary Depeche Mode’s Bogota Concert, reports Colombian news site Vive In.

The Butterfly is Angele Phase’s first single. Their album, Magnetophonband, was released worldwide in April.

Angele Phase was chosen by Depeche Mode from a shortlist of three Colombian bands, the idea of which was to have a new supporting band whose sound is slightly different from the main act.

Angele Phase’s music can be heard on their MySpace page.

Source: Colombia Reports