Canceled Athens Gig To Be Rescheduled For July 2009 Or May 2010?

May, 14, 2009 / 0 comments

Here’s some news that reached us from a Greek correspondent, it is NOT confirmed: While it’s seems that Depeche Mode will be sueing Didi Music and Terra Vibe because of their rather poor handling of the Athens concert disaster earlier this week, it also seems that both Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher were willing to play 3-5 songs. The set would be including ‘A Question Of Lust’ followed by an apology by both members, but as it seems the promoters Didi music did not want this to happen.

According to the same source Depeche Mode will play either on July 14th 2009 or on 22 May 2010 at the Olympic Stadium in Athens. The promotion for this event would be done by Depeche Mode themselves through what is said to be “viable and experienced UK concert organisers and via independent neighbourhood record stores throughout Greece including the Islands and remote regions.” All tickets purchased for the canceled event would be valid + a further 40 thousand tickets would go on sale for a price of Euro 40, the price the band wanted to have in the first place instead of tickets of Euro 60, Euro 80 or even Euro 100 like was the case in Greece.

It’s still very unclear if the concert for Bulgary will still go ahead as planned.

Source: Side-Line