Bonus Tracks Remastered Depeche Mode Albums

March, 1, 2006 / 0 comments

As announced exclusively by Side-Line already last year (and as usually denied by the official website and the label at that time), Mute/EMI are to release the entire back catalogue of Depeche Mode as SACD including limited editions holding a DVD as well.

The first three releases to hit the shop shelves are ‘Speak & Spell’, ‘Music For The Masses’ and ‘Violator’. These albums are presented as single CD remastered versions alongside a double disc edition containing a Hybrid Super Audio CD and a newly remixed 5.1 mix of the albums themselves. The DVD discs are further enhanced with extra bonus tracks/remixes and 30+ minute documentaries featuring exclusive live and TV appearances.

The additional bonus tracks for ‘Violator’ are the b-sides ‘Dangerous’, ‘Memphisto’, ‘Sibeling’, ‘Kaleid’, ‘Happiest Girl (Jack Mix)’, ‘Sea Of Sin (Tonal Mix)’ and the 33 minutes documentary ‘Depeche Mode 89 – 91 (If You Wanna Use Guitars, Use Guitars)’.

The limited edition of ‘Music For The Masses’ holds the additional bonus tracks ‘Agent Orange’, ‘Pleasure, Little Treasure’, ‘Route 66’, ‘Stjarna’, ‘Sonata No.14 in C#m (Moonlight Sonata)’, ‘Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)’, ‘To Have And To Hold (Spanish Taster)’, ‘Pleasure, Little Treasure (Glitter Mix)’ and the 36 minutes documentary ‘Depeche Mode 87 – 88 (Sometimes You Do Need Some New Jokes)’.

Finally ‘Speak & Spell’ holds the following additional bonus tracks on its limited edition: ‘Ice Machine’, ‘Shout’, ‘Any Second Now’, ‘Just Can’t Get Enough (Schizo Mix)’ and the 27 minutes documentary ‘Depeche Mode 80 – 81 (Do We Really Have To Give Up Our Day Jobs?)’. All these fine re-releases will be out on March 27th.

Source: Side-Line