‘Black Celebration’ 25th Anniversary

March, 17, 2011 / 0 comments

Today marks the 25th anniversary release of Depeche Mode’s fifth studio album ‘Black Celebration’. The album was released by Mute Records on March, 17 1986, and cemented the darkening sound initially hinted on ‘Construction Time Again’.

Let’s have a ‘Black Celebration’ Depeche Mode fans by watching the concert filmed at London’s Wembley Arena in April 1986. The entire concert is embedded in the video above.

Setlist: Wembley Arena, London, UK, April 1986

1. Black Celebration
2. A Question Of Time
3. Fly On The Windscreen
4. Shake The Disease
5. Leave In Silence
6. It’s Called A Heart
7. Everything Counts
8. It Doesn’t Matter
9. A Question Of Lust
10. Blasphemous Rumours
11. New Dress
12. Stripped
13. Something To Do
14. Master And Servant
15. Photographic
16. People Are People
17. Boys Say Go
18. Just Can’t Get Enough
19. More Than A Party