Anton Corbijn Directs A One-Second Film For Holographic Stamp

October, 19, 2010 / 0 comments

The Dutch postal service asks for a brand new kind of stamp from KesselsKramer and Corbijn, who directed music videos for Nirvana and Depeche mode.

Anton Corbijn’s latest film is so tiny it fits on a stamp. Literally.

Corbijn, the Dutch director who gave the world Nirvana in a field of dangling baby fetuses, Depeche Mode looking like a bunch of street toughs, and George Clooney as a conflicted assassin, has produced a 1-second hologram that appears on a stamp for Holland’s postal service TNT. The holo-film was produced at the behest of the ad agency KesselsKramer, and it features hottie Carice van Houten — the nation’s most famous actress — in front of a windmill chomping down on some guy’s… finger.

“It’s Anton Corbijn’s finger,” KesselsKramer’s Kyra Müller clarifies. “We asked him to shoot this film, and what happened was a sort of spontaneous interaction between the director and the actress. It was completely on the spot.”

The stamp came about after the postal service enlisted KesselsKramer to deliver “a brand new idea for a stamp,” Müller says. So KesselsKramer turned to Corbijn who reinterpreted a 1951 stamp that shows a sweet little Dutch girl smiling in front of a windmill. Corbijn’s version, which shifts depending on your viewpoint, is, as Müller puts it, “the same stamp with a little bit of a naughty twist.”

The film is made up of 30 stills that run together sort of like a flipbook, in something known as a lenticular print. (Just like those Cracker Jack sticker animations, but a bit more advanced these days.) KesselsKramer calls it “the world’s smallest and shortest film.” That may be a stretch, but then again how many animated holograms have you seen that were created by award-winning directors?

TNT postal service printed 350,000 stamps. They’re for sale at post offices across the country.

Source: Fast Company’s Co.Design