Andy Joins Playground Weekender

December, 9, 2010 / 0 comments

It looks like Fletch is heading to Syndey for a DJ gig, joining Playground Weekender in February 2011. The 5th edition of Playground Weekender starts on Thursday, February 17th through Sunday, February 20th, 2011. The announcement as seen on inthemix below:

An arena tour from Depeche Mode is pretty near the top of the inthemix wish-list, but realistically we’re not holding our breath. It’s cause for much excitement, then, that one of the legendary band’s founding members Andy Fletcher is bringing his record bag to Playground Weekender in 2011.

If we can’t experience Depeche Mode’s greatest hits live, hearing them cued up by one of their creators is not bad going. “My set is really classic electro from New Order and Depeche Mode mixed with some new stuff like Client and Scissor Sisters,” Fletcher says of his DJing modus operandi (Client, by the way, is the London electroclash outfit signed to Fletcher’s Toast Hawaii label who have been called upon to open for Depeche Mode’s shows).

“I try to tell a historical story of where Depeche Mode and Client have come from with artists like Bowie and Donna Summer, so the listener has some sense of influence.”