And The ‘MG’ – ‘Featherlight’ Remix Competition Winner Is … ‘Mantra Of Machines’

September, 4, 2015 / 0 comments

A remix competition note from Martin:

“Dear producers, musicians, singers(!), programmers et al. I am deeply humbled by the sheer number of entries and the high standards that were maintained throughout this competition. I congratulate you all!

My search to find “the ultimate winner” has been long and challenging. By Tuesday, I had narrowed my choices down to 5 and I thought that I would have a few more listens on Wednesday morning and the decision would be simple. How wrong I was!

Each of my finalists was completely different, ranging from the beautifully ambient to harder, club-friendly bangers. I could have quite easily picked any one of them and been happy with my decision. I listened over and over again until I was close to the point of delirium! How do you choose one winner from such different genres? Now I understand why awards ceremonies have different categories!

I do, however, have to pick one winner. Please remember that this process has left me on the verge of madness! If I have upset anyone, that is my excuse!

AND, the winner is … Mantra Of Machines”