Alfa Matrix Launches ‘A Tribute To Depeche Mode Volume 2’

April, 30, 2011 / 0 comments

Alfa Matrix re:covered vol. 2 – a tribute to Depeche Mode

Available now for pre-order is the 2CD compilation ‘Alfa Matrix re:covered vol. 2 – a tribute to Depeche Mode’ with a release date, June 10, 2011. Online orders will also receive a free EP with some exclusive tracks.


Although the first volume of this Depeche Mode cover album received a more than successful echo from both indie and mainstream worlds, this project would have definitely remained a one-off project if some of our label bands had not insistently pressed us to launch a second volume. Once we got to hear some of the first written versions, we were sold! They were too good to be left laying around. We then touched base with several other Alfa Matrix artists and in no time, a second volume was born featuring the label’s “classic renowned bands” (Leaether Strip, Ayria, Kant Kino, Komor Kommando, I:Scintilla, Technoir, Helalyn Flowers, Plastic Noise Experience, Implant, Krystal System, Acylum, etc.), as well as the work from the newly arrived label artists and others who did not make it on time for the previous edition: Armageddon Dildos, Malakwa, amGod, Razorfade, Alien Vampires, Studio-X, Unter Null, Diskonnekted, Gaytron…

Two years further down the road and here we are with a second volume of the Alfa Matrix label roster covering what has to be the best synthpop band in pop history. Since 2008, a lot has happened in the Depeche Mode camp, tours, a new album and the band celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of their first single. It’s all in the spirit of being a Depeche Mode fan, specifically reflected in the selection of the covered songs.

Compiled by and for Depeche Mode fans, “Alfa Matrix Re:covered – a tribute to Depeche Mode vol.2” will offer you once more a very own insight in what makes the Depeche Mode songs so special. Enjoy these interpretations and re-discover the beauty of all those classic Depeche Mode songs re:covered by the Alfa Matrix stable offering a diverse sound panel going from synthpop, over old-school electro to melancholic electro rock.


1. Sea Of Sin – Technoir
2. Dream On – Psy’Aviah
3. Everything Counts – Unter Null
4. World In My Eyes – Acylum
5. Black Celebration – Kant Kino
6. In Your Memory – Leæther Strip
7. Wrong – amGod
8. Get The Balance Right – Neikka RPM
9. Now This Is Fun – Implant
10. New Life – Plastic Noise Experience
11. People Are People (Miyuki mix) – Virgins O.R Pigeons
12. Nothing – Razorfade
13. Puppets – Essence Of Mind
14. Rush – Helalyn Flowers
15. I Want It All (Essence Of Mind 2011 mix) – I:Scintilla
16. In Sympathy – Tamtrum

CD 2
1. Fly On The Windscreen – Komor Kommando feat. Jonas Groth
2. To Have And To Hold – Diskonnekted
3. Nothing’s Impossible – Kant Kino feat. Ayria
4. Clean – Armageddon Dildos
5. Walking In My Shoes – Halo In Reverse
6. Little 15 – Schwarzblut
7. Here Is The House – Diffuzion
8. Personal Jesus – HausHetaere
9. Tora Tora – Gaytron
10. No Disco – Leæther Strip
11. Behind The Wheel – Kant Kino
12. Master And Servant (Aiboforcen mix) – Krystal System
13. People Are People (mlk lasttrip mix) – Malakwa
14. I Feel You – Studio-X
15. Fools – Alien Vampires

1. John The Revelator (club mix) * – Komor Kommando feat. J-L De Meyer (Front 242)
2. People Are People ( club mix) * – Virgins O.R Pigeons vs. Robert Vadney
3. Shake The Disease (d!rty house b!tch mix) – Seize
4. Master And Servant (disco mix) * – Krystal System
5. I Feel You – Helalyn Flowers
6. I Want It All (Essence Of Mind mix) * – I:Scintilla
7. Stripped – Psy’Aviah
(*) exclusive tracks