Alan Wilder & Martin Gore At The Galaxy Theatre

August, 28, 2010 / 8 comments

Martin Gore to appear with Alan Wilder at the Santa Ana Recoil event scheduled on October 24, 2010. The teaser video posted on YouTube suggests the upcoming appearance via a longitude/latitude puzzle. AW+MLG 33.745573 -117.867834 10 24 = Alan Wilder+Martin Lee Gore, Santa Ana, October 24, 2010. Tickets to the event can be purchased here and this is the Facebook event page.

Meanwhile Recoil adds another show in San Diego at Anthology on Saturday October 23rd.

Update 8.29.2010

We are very excited to bring you news of an exclusive one show-only guest DJ appearance at Recoil’s event at Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA on 24th October. A certain Mr Martin L. Gore will be appearing to DJ at an aftershow DM/Recoil party.

Martin has graciously agreed to appear just for this event to spin a collection of his favourite tracks. Many will be aware that Martin likes to DJ occasionally and reveal his enthusiasm for electronica.

DJ Daniel Barassi will be hosting the party as well as DJ-ing himself and there will be a meet & greet session too – so please join us for this special celebration and don’t forget to bring your treasured items to be signed!

8 Responses to Alan Wilder & Martin Gore At The Galaxy Theatre

  • SWG

    I told you so….

  • Trent Northrup

    Martin L.Gore, Dave Gahan, Alan Wilder and Andrew Fletcher is Depeche Mode. An Electronic meltdown that brought light and electricity to music. well we can forget Kraftwerk. The fathers of Synths.

  • Great Dane

    Alan and Martin together again… Something GREAT is about to happen ;o) Something is going on behind the curtain – and I thank God every day. I believe Dave does the same ;o) Imagine the new record with Martin’s lyrics, Alan’s music and Dave’s voice. Priceless..! Tears will fall from my eyes when the official statement will be announced..!

  • Baerwerks

    I’m confused about the GPS coordinates above in the clip 33.745573, -117.867834 It is actually the parking lot for the CVS Pharmacy in downtown Santa Ana. Right across the street is Original Mikes restaurant and night club. I though maybe the concert after hours with Martin spinning might be there… Or its simply the geographic center of Santa Ana… Tho coordinates for The Galaxy Theatre are way off from the ones above…

  • admin

    thank you for pointing this out. the coordinates just point to santa ana and not the actual event location.

  • Baerwerks

    Thank you, That is what I was guessing… Just wanted to make sure. I have my tix and didn’t want to chase around an after hours party at some secret location. However is there still a chance that the concert goers will be redircted after the show to somewhere else for the after hours or is it definatly at the Galaxy Theatre?

  • admin

    the after-party takes place in the same venue.

  • Baerwerks

    Thanks for your quick response! I had a not so good experience with an after hours with Pete Burns at a Dead or Alive concert years ago at the same venue… Anyway, see you there!