‘A Broken Frame’ By Marsheaux

February, 2, 2015 / 0 comments

Greek electro pop duo Marsheaux, Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou, has paid a wonderful tribute to one of their favorite albums of all time and one of the most underrated synth pop albums of the 80’s. They have covered track by track, the full Depeche Mode’s ‘A Broken Frame’, their 1982 album that signaled the start of Martin Gore’s lead songwriting dues for their rest of their career. Marsheaux put their gentle female touch to all time classic masterpieces ‘Leave In Silence’, ‘My Secret Garden’, ‘See You’, as well as such less known gems as ‘The Sun And The Rainfall’, ‘Monument’ and ‘Shouldn’t Have Done That’. ‘A Broken Frame’ lands in 2015 with total grace and a haunting atmosphere that refresh its long lasting myth.

Marsheaux’s ‘A Broken Frame’ is available digitally on iTunes and Amazon. The album will be released on February 23rd on yellow vinyl from Undo Records. The 200 copies of the limited edition ‘A Broken Frame’ LP in white vinyl, the bonus CD, and the hand signed art print that was available only through Undo Records, sold out in less than 14 hours! All ten tracks are also available via Marsheaux’s SoundCloud page.

Marsheaux - A Broken Frame

As Marianthi & Sophie explain, “‘A Broken Frame’ is undoubtedly a mythical album that stands as a tremendous challenge to dare cover it in full. In our minds ‘A Broken Frame’ is the most underestimated Depeche Mode album, that needs to find its fair place in the course of Depeche Mode’s career. When we started recording the first demos many said that the whole idea wasn’t good at all but we had faith in it and treated it with love and respect.We know that it sounds strange to listen to ‘Leave In Silence’ and ‘My Secred Garden’ with female vocals. Even we feel surprised! But we hope that we give a whole new dimension to it. And we hope that you’ll love it as we did love it during the recording process.”